Tracking Registrants through RSVP Button

When sending an invitation email via itracMarketer, you can begin tracking your registrants by connecting the RSVP button to a Landing Page or an email template. This can also be set up to track the click as an entry on a form (even though the recipient is not filling out a form. They are simply clicking a button).

Tracking Registrants through RSVP Button

Step 1: Set up a form in the Manage Forms section.

Step 2: Retrieve the action URL.

Step 3: Add this snippet of code to the end of the action URL: &email=[*Emailaddress*]. Check out this example:[*Emailaddress*]

Step 4: Embed the above link into your Email Template.

Step 5: Send a test email and click the RSVP button. Once done, go back to the form you had setup and map the email address to the email field

Step 6: Add in the redirect URL, map the form to the email field, and add in any activities you prefer (add to list, send ewelcome, etc.)

Step 7: Test again.