Manage Accounts

To Manage Accounts:

Click the Set Up Tools Nav item.

set up tools nav

manage accounts

Create Web Tracking codeGenerate Tracking Codes for web pages.

Manage Forms – Create and edit Web Forms.

eWelcomes – Create and edit eWelcomes.

Manage Tasks – Create and edit Task Rules. Task Rules automatically generate Tasks from specified events.

Manage Types – Create and delete contact Types.

Duplicate List – Generate a report to show the duplicate contacts on Contact Lists.

Create Custom Attributes – Create and edit Custom Attributes.

Clean Lists – Remove contacts that have complained, unsubscribed, or have email addresses that bounced from Contact Lists.

(Read: Improve email performance by up to 20% with list cleaning.)

Move Unassigned – Move unassigned contacts to either an existing or a new Contact List.

Delete Unassigned – Delete unassigned contacts.

CASL Managing CenterManage Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation compliance levels.

Manage List Attributes – Create and edit List Attributes.