ItracMarketer User Permissions

User – As a user, you have basic access to most of the itracMarketer application. This includes the ability to: create/send email campaigns, create/edit user email templates, tasks, workflows, reports, among others.

Manager – As a manager, you have access to special reports related to the activity of other users and accounts such as:

  • Event summary
  • Account history
  • User history
  • Task summary
  • Traffic reports

Template admin – users with the role of Template Admin can manage company email templates. This means that they can add/edit/remove templates from the ‘Corporate’ folder in the email templates page

Admin – Admin users have additional access to various parts of the itracMarketer application. Here’s a complete list of the pages that they have ‘admin’ access to:

  • Edit / add / delete users page
  • Edit / add / delete accounts page
  • Edit company details (name, phone, address, email address, etc)
  • Can view all forms in the company
  • Create user groups
  • Edit company default event score values (e.g. contact score for visiting web page, opening emails, clicking emails, etc)