How to Create an Email Campaign – VIDEO

How to Create an Email Campaign

Welcome to the How-to video on how to create an Email Campaign at itracMarketer. We will be walking you through the steps on how to create your next email campaign.

Step 1: Navigate to the Email Campaigns page.

Go to the Email Campaign Nav Item OR head to the Home Dashboard > Email Tile

Step 2: Create and Send an Email Campaign link

Click the Create and Send an Email Campaign link.

Step 3: Select your Campaign Name

Enter a Campaign Name in the text box provided.

Step 4: Report tags

Report tags are used for reporting purposes link to select a Life Cycle, Campaign Type and Category (Optional). Click this link to add Report Tags (optional).

Step 5: Schedule Email Campaign

Select the Schedule for the Email Campaign.

Step 6: Select the Subscription Type.

Step 7: Select your Subject line

Enter the Subject Line For Campaign in the text box provided.

Step 8: Edit the From Name, Reply To Name, and Reply to Email.

Step 9: Edit the Additional Options as desired.

Step 10: Add lists to your campaign

Click the Select/Add Lists button to add Contact Lists to the campaign.

Step 11: Click on the Add to Campaign

Click the Add to Campaign button beside the appropriate Contact List(s). Exit the pop-up window to continue.

Step 12: Click the Add an Existing Contact button

Click the Add an Existing Contact button or the Add a New Contact button to add individual contacts to the Email Campaign.

Step 13: Create your email campaign

Click the Create your Email Content button.

Step 14: Select your template type

You can now select a type of template. The options to choose from are: Blank, Private, Corporate, or Themed templates. Note: If  you desire to choose a blank template, we suggest to select the Blank Template in the Themed Templates folder. This template will enable you to use the drag-and-drop Components. You can then copy the template to edit as desired.

Step 15: Select the actual template

If you selected a template from the Private, Corporate, or Themed template, hover over the desired template and click Select this template.

Step 16: Edit the template

You can make all the desired changes. Note: If you want to change a  template, it is considered best practice to click on the Save and Exit button. Then, you may proceed to edit the template in the Design or view a template page. Any changes made will be reflected in the template and not just the current Email Campaign.

Step 17: Click the Save and Continue button

Step 18: Review and Confirm Campaign

Review the details and click the Confirm Campaign button.