Contacts Tile

The Contacts Tile is a feature available at itracMarketer, where all your contacts can be viewed and filtered.

These filtering options include:

  • Search Contacts – To access an iProfile, search for the contact in the dashboard search bar and then click the icon from any Contact List.
  • Recent Contacts – This would show up any new contacts that have entered the database.
  • A-Z Listing – Here, you can view all of your contacts listed in alphabetical order by Last Name, First Name or Email, etc.
  • Contacts by Interest or – You can also sort your Contacts by Interests
    • Interest Sources – You can assign an event in which an Interest Category is tagged to a contact. For example: as Contact fills out form, Contact clicks on a miniURL, etc.
    • Interest Report – As a user, you can view a breakdown of Interests
    • Contacts by Interest – sort your contacts via Interests
    • Recent Interests – You can view the most recently searched Interests. Also, search for Interests via a specified date range.
  • List by Contact Company – Here, you can view all of your contacts grouped by their Company

Users can view their contacts by geographic location, which can be further segmented into:

  • Email Previews and Clicks (displayed as blue dots) or
  • Form Leads (displayed as green dots) actions.
  • Embedded Web Form Leads (displayed as red dots).

*Map shows data for the past 30 days.

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