itracMarketer API for programmatically connecting to the application interface

itracMarketer API for programmatically connecting to the application interface

Itrac API has a set of methods that enable its clients to retrieve or modify data from itrac system ( This API uses apiKey parameter to uniquely identify itrac users. Once itrac user is identified by this API, it allows the user to access or manipulate the data that belongs to that user. This document is updated frequently whenever that are new changes to the API. Please check this document frequently for any updates.

API Security

Following are the important changes that are made in itrac API.
• Username and password is no more required to make API calls.
• “apiKey” parameter should be passed as a part of query string in each API call.

Making Secure API calls

In order to ensure better security, it is strongly recommended to avoid calling this API directly from Javascript. Calling this API from Javascript is very likely to make apiKey visible to others. Therefore for better security, our API must be called from server side (such as Java, PHP, C# or any other server side language).

API Key Generation

Only admin users can generate API key. The API key is unique for each user and it will be used to identify user without username and password. This API key can be generated from the user account screen in itrac system as shown in below screenshots.

APIkey1Figure 1 – user account screen

Once user clicks on the “Create API Key” button as shown above, API key is generated for the user that should be passed for the itrac API calls as a query parameter “apiKey”. Following screenshot show the API key generated by the user.

Figure 2- API key generated by user

Following is the sample url for API call after above changes.
Sample URL{methodName}?apiKey=XXXXXXXX

Note: API key is an alphanumeric value that has a maximum length of 30 characters. Along with API key, user will also need to pass other parameters to API if needed. It is important to note that other than the addition of API key parameter, there are no changes in itrac API. All other API parameters will remain same.

API Usage Limits

Whenever an API call is made system logs the activity and increments the API call count for that user. The API usage limits are imposed to make sure that number of concurrent API calls made by different API clients does not become very high as it might undesirably slow down the API performance. Following are the API usage limits that apply to each API user.

Maximum API calls allowed per day: 100000

Maximum API calls allowed during 10 seconds: 12

API Methods

Following is the screenshot of API documentation which is available at



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