Lists Tile

Lists Tile

Lists Tile

Click the Lists tile from the Home dashboard to display the following links:

My Lists –View, edit, upload and download Contact Lists. Notes can also be added to lists here.

Upload Contact ListUpload Contact Lists from Microsoft Excel.

Manage Lists – Delete, rename and share Contact Lists as well as add or remove custom attributes from the lists. Specify the Owner of the list and access Permissions. Set Ranks and Types as well as unsubscribe lists.

The Manager Only link opens a window where a list can be moved to another Account, or contacts on one list can be deleted from another list using either Contact ID or Email.

Segment ListSegment contacts by: Standard Contact Data, Custom Value Data, Events, List Segment, Web Activity, Email Activity, Social Media Links, Lead Score, and Rank.

Unsubscribe List – View and manage unsubscribe lists.

Complaint List – View and manage complaint lists.

Bounce List – View and manage bounce lists.

Combine Lists – Combine two or more Contact Lists.

Create a New ListCreate an empty Contact List.

Shared Lists – View and edit Contact Lists that are shared across multiple accounts.

Unassigned Contacts List – Assign to a list or delete unassigned contacts.

Lists Tile